Advent Digitizing Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

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Advent Digitizing Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Important Updates About Digitizing in the "New Normal"

"It's a matter of life and death," they say. "Social Distancing" is the new normal. That means lots of people are at home with time on their hands, so we have a great idea for you:

Now's a great time to go through the closet, attic or basement and dig out those old films, tapes, slides and photos that you've been meaning to transfer to digital!

There's no risk in sending us an inventory of what you have to transfer. We will promptly give you a quote based on what you list.

Then, bring 'em on over and we'll get them transferred, but we're implementing certain precautions:

  1. Drop-offs and pickups are by appointment only. Call or email to set an appointment. (See your quote for addresses/numbers.)
  2. No studio visits. We'll receive your materials in the driveway, or by courier, or FedEx/UPS shipment (do not use US Mail)
  3. If you need to audition materials that you can't play, we can do that via telephone or video chat, even while you're in the driveway. There is a $75 fee for up to 30 minutes of audition.
  4. If files are small enough to be downloaded in a reasonable amount of time, we will deliver your "release" copies by virtual means (digital download) at no extra cost, so you can use and share them right away. If files are very large requiring delivery on physical media (including flash drive, CD or DVD), we will arrange for touch-free pickup.
  5. If we deliver electronically via download, we can store your source materials until the all-clear is sounded.
  6. Please make credit card payments on our payment portal. Paper checks will be accepted. No cash.

Please review our other Blog articles for details about how to identify what you have. 

And to thank you for reading this, we'll double your discount. Just mention the Social Distancing Discount.

Stay Safe!

- Steve Puffenberger, President, Advent Media, Inc.

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