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General Transfer FAQ

What to know about transfers from Advent Digitizing

By Steve Puffenberger on
General Transfer FAQ

Where are you located?

We're located in Northwest Columbus, Ohio, very near the OSU airport, Don Scott Field. All drop-offs are by appointment only, so we'll give you exact directions once we quote your job and you're ready to drop it off. If you need to ship, we'll share the exact shipping address at that time too.

What is an “item”? Do you charge by the “box”?

At Advent Digitizing, an “item” is any one asset that you want to be transferred.

Unlike the “Box” bulk transfer outfits, we charge different prices based on tape or film length, and for slides, prints or negatives, for each item. The charges directly reflect the amount of labor involved in making the transfers. We don’t think it’s fair to charge the same for a 5-minute tape as for a 5-hour one. Send us a list with an approximate count of the items you want to transfer (send a picture if you need). We’ll give you a quote and typically ask for half as a deposit. When everything is transferred and we have an accurate count, we’ll bill for the balance due.

What if I have a number of different types?

We can accommodate “combo” orders of all services. When you order a combo, you receive a bulk discount on the whole job.

Do you convert sound on film?

Absolutely! We can convert Super 8 and 16mm optical and magnetic sound. We use a 3-step process to provide a high-quality HD transfer with perfectly synced sound. 

Can you convert my photos/slides/negatives in chronological order?

If you can presort the images before delivering them to us, yes, we can keep them in chronological order. For slides the easiest way is to put them in sequence in Carousel trays and number the trays in the sequence you want. For prints or negatives, place sequentially sorted bundles of prints in envelopes and number the envelopes, noting which print or negatives goes first. We will place the image files in folders related to the tray or envelope number. Chronological ordering of negatives is an extra-cost item.

Keep in mind that if we deliver on Flash media or a hard drive, you can rename the files in chronological order. Or you can put them in PowerPoint and drag/drop to re-sort them as you wish. But if we deliver on optical media (CD, DVD or BluRay) the files cannot be renamed without first copying to a computer.

How about keeping films or tapes in chronological order?

If you can presort and label reels or tapes, we can name the resulting files with the label number or date. Otherwise we'll randomly label tapes or reels with an index number and create files with the same number so you can relate the files to the boxes which may have writing on them. Unless we deliver on optical media, you can rename the files with more meaningful names, or sort them into folders on your computer.

Which output option is included in my purchase?

We will always deliver file-based output on flash drive or portable hard disk (depending on the amount of data to deliver).  File-based output gives you the option of renaming files easily if you prefer. You’ll get one “master” drive that includes all source files along with the compressed “release” files. We can create additional copies of the full master or only the “release” files to share with family and friends.

We encourage all customers to use this master drive as a primary backup. Make a copy on your computer and put the drive on the shelf. That way if you corrupt or delete an image you can easily restore it.

Optical media output to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray is also an option. We can either just place files on a disc which you would use like a flash drive, or for video/audio we can author the disc so it will play in a set-top DVD/Blu-Ray player or standard audio CD.

If your compressed output is 1GB or so, we can upload the files so you can download them before you pick up your master output drive.

We also offer an archive options, where we’ll keep your transfers on file for up to 5 years so you can request additional copies from us.

Can I copy the output I receive?

From our perspective, absolutely! We place no copyright claim on anything we transfer. However, if the transfer contains copyrighted material from a 3rd party, or images of people from whom you do not have permission, copyright and (ever-changing) privacy laws may prohibit copying and sharing of the content.

Why is there a "Source" folder on my master drive?

In transferring videotape, movie film, audio recordings, negatives and some transparencies, we create high-resolution, robust "source" files in professional formats. We then transcode those very large files to smaller compressed files that are compatible with common media players and photo viewers. We give you the option of receiving those source files for safekeeping. You would use the source files if you want to edit the audio, film or video footage or make prints or enlargements of still photos, or you would use the high-quality sources to transcode to the next best consumer format to come along. The only extra cost is for the additional storage required. Most other transfer agencies only give you the compressed "release" files, but the source files future-proof your investment.

Will you restore, enhance, or improve my items in any way?

Other than in-camera color balancing for images and films and time-base-correction for VHS videos, your transfers are delivered “as shot” unless you specify one or more of our optional enhancements. Those include:

  • Color restoration for faded negatives, prints or slides (where possible – some may be faded so badly all color information is lost)
  • Dirt and scratch cleanup of still images
  • General or scene-by-scene color/contrast correction for video and film transfers
  • Audio hiss, tick/pop removal from tapes or records
  • Advanced audio processing to remove background noise
  • Editing services to stitch tapes or reels together, or delete unwanted footage

How do I need to pack my photos?

Pack them however you like when you drop them off at our office.  If you are going to ship, enclose them in plastic bags and double-box. If sending film be sure film ends are taped down or they are securely in their reel cans or boxes. Send via FedEx or UPS – don’t trust USPS with your precious memories. We will return the same way. Return shipping is extra. If sending in a protective case, pack the case in a standard cardboard box with label firmly attached.

What if an item is blank, damaged or cannot be converted?

If we discover a blank item, you won’t be charged for it. The item will be omitted from your tally invoice when the transfers are finished. If you paid in full in advance, we’ll issue a credit toward your next order.

Can you restore files from a damaged disk?

Our data transfer service is NOT a "data recovery service." We can copy from drives you may not be able to connect anymore because the format is obsolete, but if a drive is not working, we can recommend several data recovery services that are available. Some CDs and DVDs may be partially playable, and we can extract what is accessible, but if files are corrupt, they cannot be restored.

Where do you ship to?

If you can send it to us, we can probably send it back to you. Return shipping is extra. If you can supply us with a return shipping label or FedEx account number, we can return through your account, and we won’t have to charge anything more.

We prefer people in the Columbus, Ohio area drop off and pick up in person. That’s the safest way to send materials.

Where do I find your prices?

Yes, the prices are hidden. That’s because we don’t use the simple one-price model the bulk-transfer “box” outfits use where you’re just a number in their system. But our prices are on par, if not less than the prices they charge – even with their broad discounts. Send us a list of what you want to transfer, and you’ll see all the prices on the quote sheet.

Do you have more questions?

Drop us a line on our Contact form and ask away!