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Home Movie Transfer Sample

A small sample of 8mm movie transfer quality from Advent Digitizing

Here's a sample of our HD movie film transfers. It demonstrates two release options: transferring "full frame" in 4:3 with black bars on the sides (pillarboxed), or cropping the top and bottom to achieve a full-frame widescreen HDTV look. Also included are two examples of color correction for faded or incorrectly exposed film (an extra-cost option).

We can also put home movie films on DVD. DVD is a standard definition format, so they're only transferred as full-frame 4:3. 

(These are all Standard 8mm)

Uniquely, we provide aerial-image transfer of movie films first to high definition source files in a professional, speed-accurate, robust, rich-color format at 25Mbps. We then transcode these files to MP4 release files that are suitable for sharing, or author DVDs from the source files. You may request the source files that are useful for future editing for only the cost of the additional storage.

All Advent Digitizing transfers are performed locally in Columbus, Ohio. Your precious films or tapes never leave the building. Carside drop-off and pick-up preferred.

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