About Advent Digitizing

We come from an analog world.

A Long Tradition of Audio-Visual Excellence

Advent Digitizing is a division of Advent Media, Inc. Its roots stretch back to 1979, when founder Steve Puffenberger, who's AV experience stretches back to 1963, started the precursor business making multi-projector big-screen slide shows for business and education with "real" 35mm slides, audio tape and primitive computers. Over time the medium evolved to videotape, and eventually to the high-end digital platforms we use today. We still have the analog gear in which we invested long ago, which still functions!  And we've invested in new, modern hardware that provides state-of-the-science digitizing. Because we formerly worked with the formats you have in your closets, we're uniquely suited to transfer them to digital with the highest fidelity.

Advent Media, Inc.

Advent Media, Inc. Services for Individuals

Alongside digital transfers, we offer a boatload of services that both corporations and individuals can enjoy:

  • Documentary and Narrative Video Production
  • Aerial Videography
  • Professional Photography
  • Video Editing of Transferred Materials
  • Audio Production
  • Website Development
  • PowerPoint Slide Decks for Presentations
  • Field Presentation/Production Services
  • AV/Tech System Consulting

Learn more at adventmediainc.com, a digital creative agency.

Personal Legacy Videos

By digitizing your stuff we can preserve your photo or video legacy, but what about the stories? We can put you or your family members on camera and capture the stories that go along with the photos or videos, preserving the oral history of your family, an event or your company.

There are many options with varying production values and cost levels. You can either film it yourslf or we can professionally conduct the interviews.

If you'd like to take your legacy media to the next level, ask about a Personal Legacy Video from Advent Media, Inc.

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