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Now Transferring Beta

Preserving Betacam Broadcast Masters and Betamax Home Movies

By Steve Puffenberger on
Now Transferring Beta

Before the digital revolution, Sony Betacam™ was THE broadcast standard of video. Capable of very high resolution SD pictures, it was used worldwide.

We received several requests to transfer and preserve Betacam tapes, so we acquired a deck to play them. Using component video, we can digitize them to high quality DV and MP4 files ready for editing or distribution.


We now have the capability of transferring Betamax and Betamax HiFi - the home video format that preceeded VHS.  Betamax provided a better quality image than VHS, but because VHS landed licenses with movie (and other) studios, its popularity overtook Betamax and Sony transitioned the format for professional use as Betacam.

Regardless of history, if you have Betamax or Betacam tapes that are longing to be seen again, we'll get them transferred for you.

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