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Now Transferring Beta

Preserving Betacam Broadcast Masters and Betamax Home Movies

By Steve Puffenberger on
Now Transferring Beta

Before the digital revolution, Sony Betacam™ was THE broadcast standard of video. Capable of very high resolution SD pictures, it was used worldwide for years in professional environments. Betacam was a retooling of the Sony Betamax™ consumer format, after Sony lost the legendary "Format Wars" to VHS.

If you have old broadcast tapes in Betacam or Betacam SP, or old home movies on Betamax or Betamax HiFi, we can make them live again in the digital realm.

Just like with all of our video transfers you'll get a "pro" version of your video in the robust "DV" codec, and a "release" version in YouTube-ready MP4.  We'll preserve all that extra quality that Beta provides.

Transfer now before your tapes degrade.

Get a Beta quote today.