Audio Transfers

Tape, Cassette & Phonograph Transfers

Got a tape recording of a recital from years ago that you can't play anymore? Old records that you wish you could hear again (or those from Grandma's attic that you can't play)? Advent Digitizing can reclaim those memories by transferring them to digital audio for your computer, phone or other music players. Whether it's professional or consumer, stereo or mono, we can put it on Flash drive or audio CD. Learn about audio tape transfers

Digital transfers start at $851

Phonograph Records

  • LP Albums
  • 45 rpm Single Records
  • 78 rpm Lacquer or Metal Records

Reel to Reel Audio Tapes

  • ¼-inch Open Reel Audio Tape
  • Quarter-track stereo
  • Half-track stereo (Pro)
  • Half-track mono
  • Full track mono (Pro)
  • All speeds:; All reel sizes More Info>

Audio Cassettes

  • Standard Audio Cassettes (stereo or mono)
  • High Speed Audio Cassettes
  • DAT tapes (Pro Digital Audio Tape)
  • Mini Audio Cassettes
  • Micro Audio Cassettes
  • More Info>

Audio Enhancements

Audio transfers are made to uncompressed WAV files at CD quality, then release files in the compressed MP3 format are made for use in devices. You will receive both file formats at no extra charge, unless you prefer only one. You can choose any other format instead of, or in addition to MP3.

Other extra-cost enhancements include:
  • Tick and pop removal
  • Vinyl surface noise removal
  • Tape hiss reduction
  • Background noise removal (results may vary)
  • Speed/pitch correction
  • Tape baking (for sticky shed tapes)
  • Track splits (selections delivered as separate files)
  • Additional format delivery (compressed or uncompressed, pro or consumer)
  • Audio CD authoring and duplication
  • Additional copies of Flash or optical media

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Audio Pricing

Send us a list of what you have to transfer and we'll get you an estimate showing all current prices. All transfers start at $85. 

Depending on length the minimum will cover two or more recordings. Quantity discounts apply, so the more you bring the more you save!

Transfers for tapes are priced for the program time found on the tape, so if less than 30 minutes is found on a 120 minute tape you'll only be charged for 30 minutes. Transfers pricing is in increments of 30, 60, 90, 120, and longer tapes. Why should you pay for 2 hours if you only have 15 minutes? We call that "Fair Pricing."