Disk Conversions

Legacy Disk and Device Transfers

Got stuff stuck on old devices, old hard drives, floppies, or on CD or DVD from years ago? If the device still works, we may be able to copy the content off, transcode it to a modern format, and deliver on USB flash drive or a fresh CD or DVD.

Digital transfers start at $851

CD & DVD Backup

  • Are you aware, writable CDs and DVDs have a shelf life? They can become unreadable after 5-10 years.  If you had transfers made to CD or DVD in the early 2000s, they should be backed up now! Learn about optical media longevity
  • Disc Backup
  • Disc Duplication
  • Content Extraction to Flash Memory
  • (Not a data recovery service)

Legacy Device Transfer

  • Apple or Android mobile devices
  • PDAs
  • Digital Cameras
  • Answering machines / Voicemail
  • Floppy (3.5") or Iomega Zip Disk 
  • (Working) PATA/SATA Hard Drives from old computers 

Digital File Conversions

  • Need to convert an obsolete digital format or files on CD/DVD to a contemporary format? We can transcode almost anything to almost everything.
  • AUDIO FORMATS: .WAV .AIFF .FLAC .MP3 .AAC/.WMA, .OGG; CD audio extraction
  • VIDEO FORMATS: MOV (QuickTime, including ProRes), .AVI (all flavors), .WMV, MP4 (h.264/h.265-HEVC), MXF, MPEG2/.VOB (DVD video extraction)
  • Learn about Codecs and File Formats

Disk & Device Enhancements:

All files are extracted from the device or disc in the source format. Conversion to other file formats ("transcoding") is optional - see above.

Other Enhancements:

  • Audio noise reduction
  • Video/Still color correction
  • Video Aspect ratio correction
  • Flash drive or disc replication
  • Track splitting or combining (one file-to-many or many files-to-one)

NOTE: Extraction of material from copyrighted discs may not be possible due to copy protection schemes.

Disk & Device Pricing

Send us a list of what you have to transfer and we'll get you an estimate showing prices for all current options. All transfers start at $85. 

Data extraction and conversion is priced by Gigabyte (1,000 Megabytes), plus file delivery options. Depending on length the minimum will cover a lot of data. Quantity discounts apply, so the more you bring the more you save!