Photo Scanning

Slide, Photo Print, & Negative Transfers

35mm slides and prints are our specialty. We started in the slide business, so we use our unique understanding of still image media to provide high quality scans of prints and slides fast! We can also digitally remove dirt and dust, apply color correction, and organize your images.

Digital transfers start at $851


  • Standard 2x2-inch slides
  •   35mm Slides (Discounts if in Carousels!)
  •   Instamatic Slides
  •   Superslides
  • Medium and Large Format Transparencies
  • Micro Transparencies (Minox, Pocket Instamatic)

Photo Prints & Documents

  • Snapshots - all sizes
  • Photo albums
  • Polaroids
  • Portraits - framed or unframed
  • Document Scanning / OCR (PDF)
  • Machine Scans or Copystand Capture

Photo Negatives

  • Color or B&W Negatives
  • 35mm Negatives
  • 120, 127, 645, 70mm Negatives
  • Large Format Negatives
  • Micro Negatives (Minox/Pocket Instamatic) 

Still Image Capture Options

  • Slides may be transferred in a high-quality JPEG format or in RAW, or both. RAW preserves all pixels at full color depth but can only be opened in a photo editor that supports RAW. Other output formats are available in lieu of JPG.
  • Machine captured or flatbed scanned prints are available in JPEG only.
  • Large or framed prints are captured on a copystand, and may be captured in JPG, RAW, or both.
  • Negatives are captured as RAW images and converted to positive, color graded and then exported as positive JPG. Other positive export format may be specified. The original negative RAW images are provided for future photo editing or printing. 
  • Documents letter size or smaller will be machine scanned. All larger documents are photographed on copystand. Machine scans may be PDF or JPG. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) available for typeographical documents with PDF output. Copystand output may be RAW, JPG, PNG, or any combination of formats.

Other Extra Cost Enhancements:

  • Color correction (wherever possible - RAW sources recommended)
  • Digital dirt and scratch removal
  • Cropping and other image editing
  • Exporting to higher-quality format, e.g. TIF, PNG, PSD for printing, or lower quality JPG for online use

The Video Photo Album (or PowerPoint Show)

Once transferred, your still images can be converted to a video that can run on a TV with a USB port and media player software, or authored to a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. We can sequence your images in the order you prefer, at the rate you prefer, with or without visual transitions, or optional pan & zoom effects. Music is also an option.  We can also import your photos into a PowerPoint slide deck, where you can change the sequence at will and run the looping slideshow from your computer.

Still Image Pricing

Send us a list of what you have to transfer and we'll get you an estimate showing current pricing for all options. All transfers start at $85. 

Depending on the type of photos, negatives or slides, the minimum will process dozens of images. Quantity discounts apply, so the more you bring the more you save!

Photos, negatives and slides are priced on a per-unit basis, so unlike our "box" competitors, "you only pay for what you bring." We call that fair pricing.