Digital Conversion Process & Pricing

Simply the best way to digitize your items.

Our high-quality conversion process is simple and effective with none of the "box" limitations.

1. Click & List

Click the button below and fill out the form with a detailed list of what you have to transfer. We'll send you a no-obligation estimate by e-mail.

Please be as specific as possible to receive an accurate quote (see here for tips).

2. Bring

When you're satisfied with the quote and pay the deposit, make an appointment for drop-off or ship the materials.

Once we receive your items, they're digitized right here at our Central Ohio facility. They never leave our building. We'll keep you posted on progress.

3. Pick Up

We'll notify you that your items are ready and provide a tally invoice which you can pay online or write a check.

You can either come back and pick-up your items or we'll arrange return shipment and you can enjoy seeing or hearing your legacy media again.

Digital Conversion Pricing

“Fair Pricing” for Digital Transfers starting at $851

Why should you pay the same for a 15-minute tape as for a 6-hour one? Our prices are based on content length, quantity, and amount of labor involved in the transfer. Some formats take a lot more time than others, so there is no uniform "box" pricing. Our pricing is often less than the "Box" outfits, and we transfer things they won't touch.

When you request a no-obligation quote, you will receive a detailed estimate showing pricing for all options pertaining to your source format. A quantity discount applies for orders above $100, so the more you bring, the more you save. Various format types may be combined in a single order to receive a greater discount.


Typically it takes two weeks or less to process an order from the time we receive your materials, but larger orders may take longer. Rush (2-3 days) or Urgent (next day) delivery may be available depending on quantity requested and our availability. Rush fees apply. Time for shipping not included. If you need Rush or Urgent delivery, please mention turnaround time in your request for quote.

Transfers for funerals or other family emergencies are given top priority. Rush fees may be reduced.

What You'll Receive

Storage options for your digitized content.

When the digitizing process is complete, you'll get your original content back along with the new digital versions on your choice of data storage mediums.

Most PopularUSB Flash DriveReceive your digitized content on a portable USB drive. This "File-Based Delivery" method can include both consumer and professional file formats.
Portable Hard DriveWhen you have more files than will fit on a flash drive, we'll provide a portable hard drive or SSD to deliver your files. Or you can provide your own!
Additional CostBlu-ray, DVD or CDReceive your digitized content on an authored optical disk. These disks are ready for use with their respective consumer playback devices.

Consumer & Professional Formats

  • For video and film we uniquely transfer everything in an extreme-quality “professional" format, and then transcode it to the most common "release" format (MP4) that will play in any player, or convert it to DVD. Movie film and HDV tape is transferred in High Definition (HD) for file-based delivery on anything other than DVD. All DVD releases are in Standard Definition NTSC, because that's all DVD can do.
  • Transfers of stills (slides/prints) can be created as high-quality high-resolution JPEG with compression or professional RAW files...or both!
  • Negatives are captured as high-resolution RAW files, processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for color-corrected JPG release files. More robust release files (PSD, TIF, DNG) are also available.
  • Audio transfers can be delivered in the professional uncompressed CD quality WAV format in which they are captured, or rendered to a compressed format, such as MP3, for use on music players. If you have a format preference we can export to almost anything. We can also make CD player-compatible discs.

The professional files are best for editing or enlargements, and they future-proof your investment for when "release" formats change. Professional formats are very large compared to consumer "release" formats, so requesting both will require more storage for delivery. Your quote will show approximately how much storage will be needed. You have the option to receive only the release formats, saving money on storage.

Learn more about professional formats

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have questions? We have answers.
  • Can I copy/edit/transcode myself

    Absolutely! We make no copyright claim on the materials you provide for transfer. You can do whatever you wish with the files (as long as they are not copyrighted commercial content.) In fact, if you prefer to DIY your editing and transcodes, we can provide only the professional files and offer a discount.

  • Do you keep transfers on file to make extra copies?

    Unless otherwise requested, we keep source and release materials on file for at least 3 months before they're scheduled for deletion. During that time we can create additional copies on new release media or edit your footage for just the cost of the copies (no minimums apply). Extended archiving is available at extra cost.

  • Can you upload my files?

    For smaller orders we may be able to upload downsized release files for you to download. Generally, however, the files we produce are very large and would take a long time to upload or download, and the source files will be far too large to upload. It's far more efficient and much safer if you have the files on a physical device. If you would like us to edit the files so they are shorter and render uploadable versions, we can do that post production work at our hourly rates.

  • Don't know what you have?

    If you found a "mystery" tape or film which you cannot play, we can do an audition session, either in the studio or remotely via phone or videoconference. Bring us the material and we'll play it to see what's there. The fee is our minimum $85 if you choose not to proceed with the transfers.

  • What if a Tape is Blank?

    If you're unsure how much content is on a tape or disc, we'll estimate as if it is full, but if it's blank or shorter (or longer) than planned, we'll adjust the final bill accordingly depending on what we find. If there's nothing on the tape, you won't be charged.

  • Why is my tally invoice more than estimated?

    Some formats, particularly VHS and audio tapes may have been recorded at slower speeds to extend playing time. For instance, a T120 (2-hour) tape can have up to 6 hours of program material if it was recorded at the Super Long Play (SLP) speed. Because video transfers all run in real time, it takes 6 hours of our time to create those files, and the files are huge. Since we have no way of knowing how much time is on the tape until we actually run it, the tally invoice may be more than estimated if we find tapes recorded at long-play speeds.

    For movie films, another cost surprise is if you films have sound. Most sound films have a brown stripe down the edge opposite the sprocket holes. If we find a sound film and you want to recover and sync the sound with the picture, the cost is extra.

    Damaged tapes, films or photos can also increase cost. If photos are damaged, films need splicing or the cassettes need repair, extra fees apply depending on what is wrong. Note that if films or video must be spliced, some footage will be lost.

  • Where do I bring my stuff?

    Our facility is near the OSU airport in northwest Columbus, Ohio.  We're very near the suburbs of Dublin, Worthington and Upper Arlington. We'll provide the address when you're ready to bring your materials.

  • Is shipping an option?

    Yes, while we much prefer that you deliver the materials in person, if that is not possible, we'll provide the shipping address once you're ready to ship.  Please plan to ship via FedEx or UPS. Do not ship via the Post Office. Return shipping is not included in pricing. If you can provide a return shipping label or account number, there will be no additional shipping cost from us.

Need More Info?

Check out the many articles about digital transfers of films, tapes and stills on our blog, or ask anything with our convenient Contact Form.